At some point, everyone wonders if God is real and if there is only one way to heaven. The bible is filled with answers and can sometimes be a little overwhelming. This series breaks down the big questions and provides easy to understand answers to The God Questions.

Risen tells the story of a Roman soldier at the time of the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus, and follows his faith-journey up to the point of Jesus’ ascension. This sermon series explores the facts of the crucifixion and Resurrection and will help members and visitors experience the power of the Resurrection as never before!

Building a Stronger Church Through Community, Service, Giving and Sharing. Studies show that on average only 20% of church attendees regularly contribute and are involved in the ministry and leadership of their church, while the other 80% fill seats on Sunday but never experience the fullness of an active Christian life

Who doesnt need some type of reset in their lives? For believers and seekers alike, it starts with a prayer for a fresh start. The Reset then continues as they dig into Scripture and discover a passion to share their story and Jesus with those around them.

The Gift of Jesus, that ties the greatest gift of His birth with the gifts of hope, love, joy, and peace, to the beautiful videos, this is a Christmas Eve celebration that your church and visitors will remember for years to come.