I am guilty.

I am guilty of worshipping false gods and idols.

Man that sounds so harsh when I put it that way. It all seems so innocent when I am doing it but when it’s put bluntly, it’s ugly and sharp.

Now if you come over to my house you are not going to see a golden calf like you would have found in the desert when Moses was leading his people out of Egypt. First of all, the sheer logistics of building a golden calf are mind-boggling. I mean where do you get that much gold…legally? Then I would need a giant furnace to melt the gold and then I would somehow have to mold the gold into the form of a calf. That sounds like too much work; I’m more of a lazy idolater.

Nope, no golden calf here, but you will find a flat screen TV, a Xbox, a computer, an IPhone, a kindle, and other “toys” around the house. Now, are these gadgets in and of themselves idols? No, there is nothing sinful or wrong with any of these. But, if one is not careful, they soon can slip into that “idol” role.

I’m not saying that if you come over during certain times you will see me bowing down to my TV or Xbox, but, there have been times I have felt the Holy Spirit encouraging me to pray or read my bible and I ignored it in order to keep watching TV. That is when I realized that I was hitting the DANGER ZONE. I was concisely ignoring God in order to satisfy my own wants.

Exodus 20:3 says this:

“You shall have no other gods before me”


If you place something higher than God on your priority list, you should check your priority list quickly.

The tricky part is that other gods slip up to the top sometimes without even your knowledge. And sometimes they are not even physical objects. I have been guilty of worshiping my pride. I valued that more than God and he convicted me of it. Heck, I’ve even caught myself worshiping the act of worship more than God. Sounds strange I know, but I was more focused on saying the right things or looking the right way, that I forgot about the One who I was supposed to be worshiping.

It’s a tough time right now; there are a LOT of distractions today. Enjoy them, at least the ones that aren’t outright sinful, but be careful. Make sure God stays at the top of your priority list.